SFV: How is the gameplay?



Hey guys! It’s JBillusion here to talk a little bit about the game play of SFV. If you check the steam review page or meta critic you already know what’s up. There are some things that a lot of players wanted that just aren’t in SFV yet. Alex is being added in march and new modes, but the first impression has tarnished for quite a few players. But, I’d like to show you what they got right.

Game play

(Stream Quality. I apologize)

    Up above is an example of something that was not in Street Fighter 4. Right now you can create a lobby that openly challenges people to anything from a best of three to a best of ten. I used to love trying to beat better players in the endless mode of Ultra Street Fighter Four. However, after you beat said player they are “out” and now the sparring session ends. Now people are agreeing to terms before a match. They can still leave, but at least you enter a lobby knowing what you are in for. I love this feature. Take a character you don’t know, open up a lounge, and wait for long sets against various opponents. In this match a Mika player used a set up I’d never seen before. She would use her V skill to call in Mika’s tag team partner Nadeshiko. Then Mika would use the mobility of her jumping command throw as a screen to hide which direction the other wrestler would be coming from. Then if the hit landed and sent my character up into the air Mika would use the move again to grab me out of the air. In a normal ranked match I would have had two shots on figuring out how to beat this set up. But, since this was a first to five, there were plenty of opportunities. Eventually, I had a few things that I could do to counter her attack. Most fun I’ve had playing a fighting game in a long time. Not to say other aspects of the game aren’t F@#$%d up, but the game play is something that is spectacular.


Birdie 5




The Tale of Squeek Squeekerson

       Deep underground deeper than the deepest dwarven stronghold. Two Skaven clad in hooded capes walked among the squalor of a slave town. The machines of clan Skyre pumped black clouds into the air of the dimly lit space. Slave skaven ran to and fro carrying rocks and working with pick axes. Digging deeper ever deeper for their precious prize. The left  skaven remarked to the other as he walked, every shrill step showing his disgust in being there.

Squeek 1

  “ Boss Pleton. Why here among the slave things?”, he said as a slave barely strong enough to walk collapsed in front of him. For a moment they paused and  then Pleton kicked his slumped kinsman out of his way, where he was shortly trampled by a squad of slaves urged by the whip of their master urging them forward with a constant barrage of cracks nipping at their furry heels. The other rat chuckled as they resumed their trip through the digging site.

“Strong things Retz,” Pleton said, as the two began to leave the sound of  machinery, backbreaking labor, and pain behind them. “Grow in place like this.”  Soon they came upon a door leading to a burrow. Three quick raps on the door from Pleton and a few seconds later the. A sliver of wood slid across the crude door to reveal one bright red eye.


“Waiting much much time for Eshin Pleton to come. Bring bring you quick to trouble slave.” The peephole was closed and the rusted door slowly and noisily slid open. There standing in front of the two skaven was another. His fur was dark and mottled with patches missing around his face and arms. His face, much like the rest of his body showed the signs of the harsh conditions of the mine. Both ears showing signs of being gnawed on. Left eye permanently closed by deep claw marks on his face. Multiple teeth missing and one front one that seemed to teeter on the edge of falling out. Heavy armor was strapped to his chest just as rusty as the door. Two weapons at his sides. A many notched dagger and a ragged whip that had seen much use, but the barbs at the tip were as sharp as any of the mining tools. He beckoned them in and the began the descent into the burrow. Strange noises began to faintly echo throughout the hallways. Retz turned to look at Pleton, who was unfazed and kept his eyes focused and forward at all times. Their tour guide noticed the movement and began to speak to Retz.

Squeek 4

    “ It take much much work to get slave things to work hard, find much much wardstone for clan Eshin. Many many slave things need to be taught to work hard.” He quickly Put one patchy arm around Retz and continued to rant as he lead the way.


  “ Slave things need  taught lesson to work very very hard.  Mangle Manghide teach all those no work hard why should. Gesturing to himself with a cheesy smile.

“ This slave thing? Is smart is it? Pleton asked. Eyes still focused forward not bothered by the sounds becoming loud screams as they passed room after room of pain. Manghide left Retz’s side and rushed to the other member of clan Eshin. The faint noises were replaced by loud screams and whales.


   “Yes yes very very smart!” Manghide almost shouted as he barely gave Pleton enough space to walk. An arm reached out to grab him much like Retz, but for the first time the focus of the ratkins eyes changed. The beady piercing red globes came to fall on Manghide, who quickly pulled his arm back and leapt back giving the Skaven a wide berth. Pletons eyes focused forward and he began walking again. Leaving both Manghide and Retz to catch up.

skaven 6 (2)

 “Here here!” Manghide jumped up and down as he moved to a door no noise came from. Digging a pair of keys out the jailer quickly unlocked the door and ushered his guests in. Inside it was dark save for one tiny light source. A large glowing stone in the middle of the room. That illuminated a tiny skaven fettered to a wall, whose eyes were transfixed on the stone.

“Warpstone?”, Retz asked. Manghide was all too happy to answer.

  “Slave thing sneaky. Steal warpstone from Manghide, but might Manghide catch him and punish sneaky slave thing. Sneaky slave thing of use to clan Eshin. That’s why no kill. Sell for much much warpstone to might clan Eshin!”  Halfway through the boasting Pleton made his way to the tiny ratkin. A faint smile appearing on his illuminated face as he spoke.


   “Clan Eshin has use for sneaky skaven. You steam much from Manghide and  should die. I have deal for sneaky skaven. You want?” He asked. Pleton and  the prisoner looked each other in the eye for what seemed like an eternity to the two others in the room and then he spoke. A horse squeak issued forth from him.


    “Yes.” was the word Pleton wanted to hear. He then ordered Manghide to undo the shackles and within moments The tiny one was free and standing among the much larger Skaven.


     Manghide smiled and held out his paw. To which Pleton pulled out a fairly large pouch and tossed it to the floor. It tumbled open slightly revealing the colors of green and gold. A few warpstone coins and gold coins fell out. Manghide dove for the bag, but a thrown dagger that dug into the ground just in front of the bag halted his advance. The skavens gave fell on Pleton who spoke looking at nothing but the tiny ratkin. 

squeek 2


“ You want be clan Eshin kill Manghide. Prove you worth. Kill weak useless one!” Manghide ‘s eyes grew wide with a bizarre terror and anger. “You cheat Manghide! Manghide kill kill tiny thing. Then workers kill you!” Retz pulled forth two curved blades whose end dripped green liquid that sizzled as it hit the dirt floor. A single had from Pleton relaxed the battle ready warrior. 

“Manghide lose much much warpstone. Not worthy of job. Want to look behind”, Behind the slave master the tiny skaven had the dagger in hand, poised to strike a blow against his larger opponent. Manghide pulled out his own dagger and unfurled his whip with a flick of the wrist and a crack, that sent dirt flying in his attackers direction.  

“Die !”  He yelled, as he charged.  

Three figures walked through the horde of slaves busily working, spurred on by the sound  of machinery and whips alike. Two cloaked Skaven and a tiny one clutching a blood soaked dagger and a pouch close to his chest.“Name tiny slave?” Retz asked.  

 “Squeek Squeekerson.” The ratkin responded. Retz Laughed aloud and Pleton just stared forward a slight smile on his face.


story 5 (2)

               Meet Squeek and the crew!

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My opinion on Street Fighter V Beta Test 3


Hey people! It’s been a long time since I’ve written about street fighter. Thanks to someone for giving me a code to the beta! Apparently one of those eight people who visited my stream enjoyed it…. Well that’s enough depression for one post I think.

A lot of people want to know is it worth it? Is it different enough? Is it easier to get into than Street Fighter Four? Here are my two cents on everything in this build including something that made quite a few players angry.

                    Brazil looks beautiful


You see Brazil? Do you? Cause I did when I was playing and watched after I knocked my opponent down along with fruit from a cart. A hungry bird then swooped down and grabbed it before returning to it’s perch. The stages look good and depending on your tastes the characters look nice as well. Ken bugs me out a little bit, but that’s probably due to the hair choice Capcom gave to our favorite rich fighter.

The combo system is pretty simple and the one hit into your characters Critical Art is both easy and difficult. I’ve had matches where I was just blocking waiting for that one blow into the Critical art so I could make a comeback. Knowing this my opponents attempted to not only defeat me, but not eat a ton of damage in the process. As a Vega main in SF4 I always wanted the chance to get a normal into ultra. Was never good enough to get cosmic heel into Ultra 2. It makes the game SUPER TENSE! Because, I needed to clench harder while playing…

The combos aren’t to hard to pull off and feel really good. And I’m sure there is nothing better for Laura mains than getting a combo into a throw so they can mix up their enemy even more. (I got that work way to much T.T) Regardless of skill level everyone should be able to get of combos. Took me a while to get used to doing dragon punch motions for Vega’s Flying Barcelona. Which reminds me of the lack of charge moves in this game.


                           Charge Woes


Up above this is Guile. Quite possibly what many would consider the “lamest” character in Street Fighter. He is doing his iconic flash kick. You hold down then after a period of time he’s is charged. Then you hold up and kick. Boom! Flash kick! I have been hit by the tip of this move so many times when making a bad jump, that just mentioning the move gives me flashbacks. The term “lame” comes from Guile and other characters needing to hold down, back, or my favorite downback to charge a special move like flash kick. Players tho just hold down back can and will punish every possible chance their opponent makes to get their offense going. I always just accepted it. Most likely due to the fact that I love Vega and Honda. Street Fighter Five has removed the majority of charge attacks and it seems like there is no character who specializes in charge attacks. To some people they love this. Lame people like myself kinda miss it. Charge moves still exist. Chun-li holds back then forward + punch for her fireball.  It’s nice, but I’m going to miss full charge characters.




If the connection to your opponent is good you’ll be fine. If the connection isn’t then there will be problems.I was talking earlier with someone and there seems to be the idea that some characters need more attacks and I can agree with it. The game isn’t finished and there is a ton of tweaking to do, but for me I’ve hit quite a few laggy matches. Unlike in SF4 people rubber band. Not a good thing in a fighting game. In good matches the pace is sometimes fast and heavy or an exercise in patience and punishing your opponents bad habits or whiffed attacks. There does seem to be something that saddens me a bit. It seems like frame trap pressure is a little more real now and people will constantly throw them out in matches. By the time the game comes out there will be some that are removed and some that will stay. Standing Medium Punches are terrible strong tools. At least for Vega. One counter hit into max damage and you’ll be cursing yourself and your twitchy fingers.


                         Vega Matches



             Crisis of Camera Angles



I had to talk about this just once. I have avoided on doing it on Youtube, but I will here. The image on the left is from Cammy’s first intro. A while back the intro was changed. Hmm, what seems to be missing? We can’t see Cammy’s crotch anymore. I really kind of don’t care, because the one to the right seems cooler to me. But, many people have called this censorship. I know people have been coming at games for their depiction of fictional women for a while. I really don’t see the problem with changing the angle in a beta, because thing in the beta are subject to change. R.Mika also had a more notable change.


                      Butt why?


I could not help myself! See this is what the camera was focused on when R.Mika did her Critical Art. I thought it was hilarious, with the ensuing kiniku buster. Othere people loved it. Some hated it. But, Capcom later changed the focus of the camera to….


Street-Fighter-5 mika

Mika’s face. The slap still happens and the kiniku buster was changed. People were PISSED. People believe that enough people complained about the butt slap to foce Capcom to censor their game. Also, censoring the intro for Cammy.  I know what happens out there on forums. People complaining about game characters showing to much skin, not showing good depictions of women, and a lot more. In this situation I think the outrage is more about something that people felt was flying in the face of the people who talk about how terrible women in gaming are. By having it changed fans lost this symbol. If Chun-li had a super like this I’d think it was dumb. Mika used to jump off the top rope of a wrestling ring that magically showed up in the middle of nowhere and has a move called flying peach. Guess what she uses to attack with? I really don’t care about the change, but it’s garnered enough dislike for online petitions to be started to get Capcom to change it back.

Personally, I don’t care! R.Mika is back and she doesn’t suck! We have a highly mobile grappler that isn’t Fuerte! On the topic of censorship. I’m not really sure you can say that X group caused the censoring of a beta. Stuff is subject to change. Here is a quote from Ono to explain the change.

Our objective with ‘Street Fighter V’ is to start over from zero”, explains Ono. “We want the professional players and the casual fans of the series to return, but we also want to reach those who have never even touched a fighting game. So we can’t have something in the game that makes people think, ‘This is not acceptable’”(http://www.dualshockers.com/2015/12/08/yoshinori-ono-comments-on-street-fighter-vs-rainbow-mikas-butt-slap/)

 If the people at Capcom feel like the butt slap will make newcomers think  ‘This is not acceptable’, then it’s their call. As far as I know there were no petitions to remove it. People complaining, but no serious public outcries. Honestly, it was beta and the company decided to change it. It’s no ones decision, but whoever was in that boardroom at the time. So let’s just focus on what we were excited for when Street Fighter Five was announced anyway. Some awesome characters, new moves, and plenty of hype! -Jbillusion