SFV: How is the gameplay?



Hey guys! It’s JBillusion here to talk a little bit about the game play of SFV. If you check the steam review page or meta critic you already know what’s up. There are some things that a lot of players wanted that just aren’t in SFV yet. Alex is being added in march and new modes, but the first impression has tarnished for quite a few players. But, I’d like to show you what they got right.

Game play

(Stream Quality. I apologize)

    Up above is an example of something that was not in Street Fighter 4. Right now you can create a lobby that openly challenges people to anything from a best of three to a best of ten. I used to love trying to beat better players in the endless mode of Ultra Street Fighter Four. However, after you beat said player they are “out” and now the sparring session ends. Now people are agreeing to terms before a match. They can still leave, but at least you enter a lobby knowing what you are in for. I love this feature. Take a character you don’t know, open up a lounge, and wait for long sets against various opponents. In this match a Mika player used a set up I’d never seen before. She would use her V skill to call in Mika’s tag team partner Nadeshiko. Then Mika would use the mobility of her jumping command throw as a screen to hide which direction the other wrestler would be coming from. Then if the hit landed and sent my character up into the air Mika would use the move again to grab me out of the air. In a normal ranked match I would have had two shots on figuring out how to beat this set up. But, since this was a first to five, there were plenty of opportunities. Eventually, I had a few things that I could do to counter her attack. Most fun I’ve had playing a fighting game in a long time. Not to say other aspects of the game aren’t F@#$%d up, but the game play is something that is spectacular.


Birdie 5




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