SFV: The Good and The Bad

my thoughts sfv good and bad

I apologize! I have been avoiding talking about the actual launch status of this game for a long time. First off Capcom and SONY messed up. The game came out without a lot of features and many people are furious. I can understand that, because I want a challenge mode where I can actually LEARN combos and then expand on them at a later date. This ain’t marvel where knowing how to do a combo means that you will automatically beat another player that doesn’t have a firm grasp on how their character combos, but it helps. Game play is fine, which is kind of surprising when people call this a “Early access” game. I’ve played early access fighters and I can tell you that the game play is fluid and good connections online are nice. The character designs are varied and everyone plays differently. However, there are a issues.

Now I’m sure that numerous AAA game releases that you can think of have been released in a bad state. There are tons of them and there will be hundreds more, but maybe not with the same issues that Street Fighter Five had surrounding it. Esports people! If you want to know more about what was going on with this release then check out the video below!




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