Let’s Check Out: Not A Hero


Not a Hero is a bizarre little shoot em up with an incredibly fun aesthetic! You see you must help Bunny Lord to achieve his goal to become Mayor of a city before the twenty second of that month. If not, he informs you with a beautiful power point; the world will be destroyed! Now how exactly do guns and votes mix? Sadly, you aren’t running around Saints Row style. Instead Bunny Lord tells you that the best way to garner votes is to put bullets into the various criminal elements in the city to show the town how much you care.


The action is fun and fast paced as you run around sliding to and from cover, a hail of bullets constantly dancing around you. You can unlock different characters that are part of Bunny Lord’s PR team. In the video below I found the second character you get Cletus to be lacking, but then again I’ve never been much of a shotgun person. If your looking for a funny little shooter to waste some time in check out NOT A HERO!




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