SFV: Alex and The March Update

It’s coming eventually…..Event Hubs a pillar of the online Fighting Game Community posted a little bit about the first Street Fighter Five DLC (Downloadable Content) character Alex along with some information on Trials and the in game shop.

sfv alex



First and foremost, ALEX LOOKS AWESOME! I’m looking forward to him and implementing his interesting abilities in a match. Alex’s V Skill makes his next attack an automatic counter hit. A counter hit  gives special properties to an attack allowing it to combo when otherwise it wouldn’t have. Counter hit combos are a way to get great damage and a part of me wonders if there will be a possibility of hitting an opponent and then popping the v skill to get an automatic counter hit. Chances are low, but I can still hope.



His V trigger on the other hand is quite interesting. Alex “loose with a clothesline attack”, that can be charged and will parry an attack. If your opponent is blocking, they will have their guard broke with a fully charged strike. I can imaging blowing up a corner neutral jump with this. Release it as they jump and charge. When your opponent lands hit them with the charged attack and combo. I’m sure there will be ways of stopping this like how you can stop Zangief and his muscle spirit!


sfv alex 2


Now the meat and potatoes of the update for those who couldn’t care less about my new main! The Store is coming! Can’t wait for that as well as new trials. Now something that I happen to like about what Capcom is doing is creating a Beginner, Intermediate, and Advances set of trials. These are meant to teach the basics and even some of the advanced concepts of the game to new and returning players. Street Fighter needs this! All fighting games need this! There are trials to teach you the basics of a character and there are also trials for the combos of those characters. Should have been here at the start, but I’m just happy that we are getting them. At least I’ll be able to learn some decent bread and butter Alex combos, so I can Flash Chop these Ryus back to Third Strike!


Eventhubs Link- http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2016/mar/10/first-look-alex-street-fighter-5-march-update-detailed/


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