Capcom Pro Tour: Long due talk about Cannes Winter Clash and Laura vs. Bison

I decided to analyze the first Capcom Pro Tour event before I talk about Final Round!



I’m planning on doing a few spots on players I’m excited to see at Final Round! First, I need to talk about the first player to place in a Capcom Pro tour event. Mister Crimson is a longtime Street Fighter Four player who has found incredible success in the subsequent iteration Street Fighter Five.  He plays Laura! Here I thought Laura was a terrible character that had no reason being in tournament. Well, I think Mister Crimson proved quite a few people wrong with his outstanding performance against Phenom and his Bison in the grand Finals of Canes Winter Clash!



At the time that this went down Phenom was one of the top online ranked players in the world. He is also a sponsored player, who at  last EVO (The biggest Street Fighter Tournament on the Planet) placed seventeenth! The thing that I love about this set is the fact that Mister Crimson  challenged Bison. Bison in SFV is considered on of the most dangerous characters to face off against. The main reason for this is his offense. His offense is quite insane. He has a lot of frame traps on the offensive that can lead into huge damage. By frame traps I mean attacks that leave Bison in an advantageous situation when blocked. If you do press a button in between Bison’s frame traps, you will get hurt! Mister Crimson didn’t give Phenom a chance to start with the dangerous offence. One specific moment is roughly at 5:00 where Phenom went for a slow but incredible attack that would have been plus at the range Bison was standing. Crimson didn’t block, but he challenged the attack. If he blocked, than he would have been in a bad position. He instead decided to challenge and possibly trade. This fairly bold move lead to a clean hit which was quickly followed up by a damaging combo that won Crimson that match in the finals.

Something else that I feel Bison gets away with a bit too much is  his forward dash. It’s a mini teleport. He can essentially dash through an offensive attack and then counter you. Combined with his above average throw range means that sometimes you have to guess. If you guess wrong you could get thrown, crush countered, or worse. But, in the match crimson did his beast to challenge the teleport or at the very least avoid Bison. At 2:54 there was a similar situation on Laura’s wake up where Crimson challenged an advancing Bison and it payed off big. I can’t wait to see more of his Laura in the Capcom Pro Tour! Next I’ll be talking about Players I want to see at Final Round!







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