Capcom Pro Tour: Players to watch in Final Round Part 1


It’s that time people! Capcom Pro tour is in full swing with the first large tournament! The Final Round tournament is going to be in full swing this weekend and we will see exactly how interesting it will be. People are coming from all over the word to compete and I wanted to write up something quick on some players I want to see compete in the first truly massive tournament. I’m from the East Coast, so I’m biased as all hell. Long Island Joe is going to be the first player I do a little spotlight on.

maxresdefault (1)

The man known as LI Joe has been a fixture in the New York Fighting Game community   for quite a time. With the release of Street Fighter 4, he saw himself organizing tournaments and becoming a dangerous competitor. Mortal Kombat, Third Strike, SF4, Injustice, and now Street Fighter Five. Right now he is one of the best Nash Players in the U.S. His style is quite scary. Nash has incredible movement thanks to his V-Trigger and his V-Reversal. With full V meter Nash can teleport in multiple directions. He can come from behind you, above you, or right in front of you. Perfectly timed this move can catch an opponent unawares and completely swing the momentum of a match into the Nash players favor. The reversal is a bit more annoying. Upon blocking a hit you can reversal with Nash and quickly teleport to the other side of your opponent. Not as scary as the trigger, but if you don’t expect it you could find yourself still swinging. This could allow the Nash player a free shot.

LI Joe is known for two things. His use of “The shimmy”and his command grabs. The shimmy works by carefully walking back and forth in and out of your opponents throw range. Throws are scary in this game. Nash also possess a very quick dash. Applied well with a shimmy and your opponent will never expect to be thrown. Then you have to guess. For many of LI Joe’s opponents, they wind up eating another throw!

Grand Finals between LI Joe and Julio


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