New God Project:2

The Pantheon(All rights reserved to JBillusion)

The Tailor 3:25

So what earth shattering crisis took you away from me? 😦


H 3:25

Sorry babe Arc hasn’t told me yet. But, it better be big. 😡


The Tailor 3:26

Giant monster about to destroy a nuclear powerplant big.


H 3:26

I have an evil mustached clone bent on world domination big.


The Tailor 3:26



The Tailor 3:29

A future version of you from an alternate timeline came to this world to protect you from the alien invasion that wiped out his people big.


H 3:31

Lol as long as he has a plan never been good at those.


The Tailor 3:33

Lol Babe I love you, but that’s Arc and Specter are there 😀


H looked away from his phone to take in the three figures sitting near him. He was in a small room, metal walls all around them. Small, uncomfortable, and lightly cushioned seats were bolted on each side of the room. Despite the seemingly endless row of seats the occupants were sitting fairly close to each other. On the other side of him sat to men. One was a hulking brute, who despite sittings head almost reached the ceiling. He wore big black boots, blue jeans, and a plain white T-shirt. Despite his height, the most abnormal thing about him was his skin. It was a dark brown. The color of the earth and cracked. He looked slightly bored as the heavy creases of his stone like face cascaded into a frown.

“Ey, Spec!”, he spoke in an incredibly deep gravelly voice.


“ Grant.” A human, but robotic voice answered back.


Grant turned and regarded the strange figure sitting besides him.  He wore a long grey cloak buckled by a silver jewel, that rested just under a helmet. The Visor was clean and dark so everything was reflected off of it, but no one could see inside. The sides were a stark contrast. Metal was sheeted over what must have dozens of wires and circuits that lead down. The cloak covered most of it’s shoulders and neck, but a layer of tights could be seen covering the chest, arms, and legs of the wearer. The material was thick, but not restricting. Just thin enough to see some slight padding. As for its condition it had seen better days. Deep scratches, tears, and burn marks covered forty percent of what could be seen. The hands of Spec were covered by steely silver gauntlets and it’s feet were encased in boots that seemed to be a thicker version of the same material stretched across the figures body. Within its hands was a technological belt with multiple pouches filled to the brim. Scraped onto the flat belt buckle was one word “Steel”. One hand held the object perfectly still as the other began fiddling with a nob between two black pouches.


“The hell happened to ya”, he asked. Frown quickly curving upwards into a smile.


“Hunting”. Grant leaned back as far as he could in his chair and thought for a moment. For a second it looked like he was about to speak, but stopped himself and returned to his previously grouchy disposition.


“What were you hunting?”


“Criminals”, specter answered without looking up from his work.


“You know Spector. If you need our help…..” a heartfelt voice sounded from next to H. It came from the woman sitting next to H. She was dressed predominantly in black with slight flashes of color. Black flats, black pants, purple blouse, all wrapped up in a black trench coat. Dark purple gloves with green runic insignias covered her hands.


“Not needed”, was the response.


She pursed her green painted lips and looked at him for a second concern showing from within her similarly colored eyes.


“Just know if you need anything”


“You’ve got my back”, the monotone voice answered before the woman could even finish talking.


Her eyes lit up as she gave him an almost ear to ear grin. Brought one gloved hand up and gave her friend a thumbs up. Grant began laughing as well as H. Specter just kept about his work.


Buzz buzz. The phone in the blonde hero’s hand vibrated back and forth.


The Tailor 3:45

They haven’t killed each other yet right?


A small chuckle issued forth from the phone’s owner as he began to tap his fingers on the device.

The redheaded women looked over to her companion and immediately inched her way closer to him in a horrible attempt to sneak a candid peek at someone’s texts.


“Doc, if you want to see my texts just ask”, he said catching the woman leaning over his shoulder. She immediately went back to her former position sitting perfectly straight as she tried to avoid contact with her in flight companion. Grant laughed loudly and her companion just grined.


“I’m talking to your favorite designer” he said, leaning back and tapping away.Her eyes widened up and she returned to leaning over his shoulder staring blatantly at the screen.  


“Helios! I said hi and I’m loving my new make up! Also ask if the pants are done! Ask if the pants are done!”, she repeated a few times.


H 3:55

Witch Doctor says HI! Also when are her pants going to be done?


The Tailor 3:56

Hi Witch <3<3<3 They’ll be done Monday! Is she wearing the green or purple lipstick?


“Green”, witch doctor responded as she read. “With the purple domino mask” she added.

“Helios what’s up with the The Tailor thing?”


The blonde hero sat back and sighed as he mumbled.


“Our favorite designer snuck into my phone and changed the contact information to The Tailor.”


“Awww”, her eyes light up and her tone of voice was similar to that of watching a newborn cat play with a piece of string. “That’s adorable. The Tailor.”, she added the air quotes for emphasis “gets a title fitting of the best hero designer.”


Helios smiled, “Yeah, I guess so.”


Witch Doctor feigned outrage as she unbuckled her seatbelt and stood up and began walking as if the isle was a catwalk. “Being able to invoke the tell tale signs of a witch with the no nonsense appearance of a professional. Is difficult. But, with the right mix of color and practical clothes I can make you look ravishing for the cameras and make you feel comfortable while throwing down with the worst the world has to offer.” She spoke her lines as tried her best to sashay past Spector and Grant. Specter didn’t look up, but as the Doc passed his way he whistled, chuckling to himself as Witch struck a pose and continued on her way.

“You take ya tights and fancy outfits and I’ll just stick with some jeans and a pair of boots”, Grant said still smiling.


“Really Grant”, Helios asked crossing his arms, but still looking down at his phone.


The stone skinned man leaned forward and began speaking making wild hand gestures as he went. “Ya see, this is the thing. You ‘ave been on the hero side. What all you got is some tights, maybe somebody tells you ta creatively loose ya shirt. Me on the other hand I’ve had people try to get me to wear a speedo, nothin but paint, an one time a dinosaur costume. As far as I can see it the wardrobe is the best part about bein on your side for a change.”


“A speedo?”, Witch said, with a bit of a smile on her face.


“Paint?  Was The Artiste.” Helios laughed.


“No it was the Paintress, the woman with the paint powers. However, I’m curious as to who the dinosaur costume was.  T-Rek or The Caveman? If it’s The Caveman, he owes me for the Triceratops robot.” Specter said, still toying with his belt.


Grant damn near broke his neck from turning it so fast. “You mad that shit!”, he close to screamed in Specter’s helmet covered ear.


“Inside voices Grant, Wouldn’t want Arc to get pissed while flying”, the monotone of his voice slightly broke from his voice as mirth slightly slithered it’s way into his words. “I told him it was a dumb idea to add exploding horns to a Triceratops robot. Like that stupid caveman gimmick.”


“Wait a second” Witch politely chimed in, “Isn’t you whole thing Phantom of the Opera meets technology?” For the first time The Steel Specter looked up from his work. The reflective surface of his helmet perfectly shone the good doctor’s face. She had a wry smile as she watched herself. Suddenly the background behind the reflection turned bright red. The reflected doctors visage began to twist and turn into that of something resembling the Wicked Witch of the West if she were older….and uglier. An “eep” issued forth from the real witch’s mouth as she recoiled back into her chair. The illusionists shoulders began moving with the telltale signs of laughter.


“God, I forgot how good you were at that.”, she said her mood in between pissed and genuinely impressed.


“At least I’m not the guy who actually calls himself The Phantom of the Opera.”


Helios took a nervous charge of the situation, while laughing a bit. “That’s the guy who’s sponsored by the movie company right? Who gives kids DVDs after he saves their lives?”


“Yeah,” The redhead recovered from her shock and was back to her gleeful self. “And they’ve got that hero Starlet, the one who wears the crazy costumes!”


“Don’t remind me”, Helios said as he put one hand over his face, two fingers massaging his temples. “Our lovely Tailor had a rant about her last night. I don’t give a shit if she wears spandex or a string as long as she dosen’t get in my way.”


“Class and sass not crass and ass,” Witch repeated the line from memory. “Tailor hates it when women don’t follow that. Last week Starlet stopped bank robbers in a micro bikini.”
“That was two weeks ago. This week was a french maid outfit.” Grant carelessly worded out. Witchdoctor, Helios, and even Specter began staring at the man like he was guilty of some horrible crime. “What?”, he shrugged his shoulders. “They had a special sale on Clue that week.” They kept staring. “Hey if it just happens to show up on my feed….” They kept staring. He finally broke down with a sigh and began his story. “Alright I’m a little partial to her. This one time I was workin for The Director right, and she was gonna stop him from bootlegging DVDs and she busted into the warehouse dressed like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz right……..


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