Injustice 2



And so the NRS cycle continues. What’s up, people! JBillusion being as hyped as I can be for Injustice 2. If you don’t know what the video game series Injustice is about I’ll describe it as best I can. Superheros duking it out on even ground. Well, as even as a dude with laser beams and frost breath fighting a billionaire with more issues than Hugo Strange could diagnose. The hype that brought me into the first Injustice game was the allure of playing your favorite hero or supervillain and taking it to whoever. It’s your standard fighting game fare with a few twists. Injustice was the first fighting game that I can remember where specific stage interactables could start your combos, or get you out of a tight spot. This system added to the fun. As well as the dynamic combo break system, where you could wager your meter to break out of an opponent’s combo. A bit of meter is built up from doing attacks and being attacked, to give you the ability to enhance your attacks. There were still some issues, but with the strides that Nether Realm Studios have made with Mortal Kombat X, I’m excited to play Injustice 2.

What has NRS Learned???

mkx character select screen

Arguably the greatest thing to me was Variation. In Mortal Kombat X they had three variations for each character. Each style had similar attacks, but differed in varying ways, so that playing Hellfire Scorpion as opposed to Ninjutsu was different enough to throw off an opponent or give you specific tools to better deal with an opponent, but was still similar enough so it still felt like you were playing Scorpion. I would love 3 variations of Batman. Maybe one focusing on gadgets, another on martial arts, and a final on restraining the opponent. I can dream about different character variants, but one thing is for certain I’m impressed with a few of the characters that they have put in the latest trailer.

The Trailer



I can not believe that my favorite gorilla supervillain made the cut! Gorilla Grodd is on the lose!!!



Gorilla Grodd, for those of you who don’t know, is a mind control villain. Despite the nature of his superpowers, he still hits like a truck! Mostly because of the fact that he is a super intelligent ape, that is at times capable of challenging Lex Luthor’s inventions. Despite this, the most use I’ve ever seen of him has been in Justice League The Animated Series. However, his inclusion within the game gives me hopes for Gorilla Grodd to be in the First Flash movie! That is most likely a pipe dream, but the hopes that he will be a character that focuses heavily on putting his enemies in a trance for a free combo aren’t. From the little glimpse that we have been given it would seem that he fights in a way similar to Quan Chi. I’m looking forward to the vortex already!



She might not look it, but she “punches above her weight”. I love that line! I expect her to be a fairly big bruiser. Hopefully, she will be able to use a combination of her heat vision and a few armored moves to get into close combat and deliver a bevy of damaging blows, like she did to Atrocitus.



The leader of the Red Lantern Corps. He and supergirl are going to be one of those matchups where there is non-stop swinging. He’s going to most likely use that magma Esque vomit, that he spews at a range or up close like he did in the trailer. I also love the fact that they included Dex-Starr the angry kitty.



I am hoping that the large success of Mortal Kombat X can continue with Injustice 2. The first Injustice seemed to focus on attacks at range, while someone attempted to get in. The stages were also a bit small to be conduction this type of long to mid range mixup game. But, with the strides that Nether Real Studios made with MKX, I expect great things!


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