Community Effort Orlando SFV

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Street Fighter V has had a tumultuous launch, with many fans extremely upset with Capcom. I myself am still slightly angry about the eight frames of lag between the moment you press a button and you character doing the specific action that you input. Recently, despite certain opinions of the game it has been shown that the hype is still there as long as the players are deeply invested in the game. The first day of the tournament, on the other hand, presented perfectly why so many viewers are at times bored with SFV.

Above, is a video of Jebaily the tournament organizer and Evil Genius player Justin Wong. This event has become a hallmark of CEO. It’s the Rumble. One player steps in and is then challenge by one opponent after the other until one of their opponents wins. After the cycle is repeated until the two players with the most victories meet up again to face off for the prize. Last year, Justin’s teammate had an incredible run, but this year’s run had me slightly bored. Perhaps it had to do with the methodical way that Justin tore his opponents apart with Karin. Or, maybe it has something to do with the strategy, being quite similar to every opponent. Knife Life a Birdie player had Justin on the ropes, but it sadly wasn’t meant to be. The entrances to the ring, on the other hand, were as always, entertaining. You can clearly see people were having fun with it! Kenny Omega a member of the wrestling stable “The Bullet Club” and New Japan wrestler, had the time of his life cutting a promo on Justin!

Having well-known people like Kenny Omega and Lupe Fiasco shout out SFV is amazing. Having them come to events and chill with people is even better. You know what’s even better? Two celebrities, that love street fighter having an exhibition match to entertain everyone! Xavier Woods AKA Austin Creed member of the WWE’s New Day and the man behind the Youtube channel UPUPDWNDWN went up against Kenny Omega in a first to five!

The next day the tournament started and that’s when the magic started! There are too many matches for me to talk about, so I’m going to throw up five of my personal favorites up until the top four.

1. IFC Yipes VS. Mago

Yipes is best known as a  Marvel VS. Capcom 3 player. Mago is a former MadCatz sponsored Street Fighter 4 player. Despite the games they specialized in, Yipes played incredibly and you could see how he kept his cool under pressure.

2. RZR Infiltration vs RB Snake Eyez

Snake Eyez is a well known Zangief player, who has expressed his displeasure with how the character was redesigned for play in SFV. Infiltration is sponsored by Razor and has dominated SFV tournaments with seeming ease. Snake picked Ryu and Infiltration surprisingly chose F.A.N.G as a counter. One thing is for certain this match is enjoyable to watch.

3. TS Sabin VS. Tokido

Arturo Sanchez also known as Sabin, was one of the first players to reach Diamond League online. Tokido is another former Mad Catz sponsored players, who have seen a lot of success in SFV. It was amazing. You can see that both players had a nice grasp of the matchup and were also nervous as all heck. It’s an entertaining nail-biter of a match.

4. PIE Smug VS. Marn

If you would please fast forward to 45:24 you will get to see the oldest trick in the book and a pretty decent match. Smug a member of Team Pie from New York and Marn on of the craziest Mika players out there had an interesting match.

5. CR Sonic Fox VS. PG Filipino Champ

Sonic Fox is an amazing Mortal Kombat X player and it turns out that he’s pretty good at SFV as well. Filipino Champ is a legendary Dhalsim player. Almost no one plays F.A.N.G like Sonic Fox and F Champ is an incredibly aggressive Dhalsim player.

Top 8


Diago,Mago,ONuki,Haitini,Infiltration,Nuckledu,Momochi, and Tokido. This top eight was stacked and I’m going to talk about the best match that was played. The grand finals. RZ Infiltration and Tokido. The two have met previously in the grand finals of two other tournaments and Tokido has lost both times. For quite some time Infiltration and his Nash have seemed unbeatable, but it would seem that Tokido had learned something from his previous losses, including the one from Infiltration that sent him into the losers bracket of CEO. It was an amazing tournament, that has made me excited for EVO! Congrats to Tokido!






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