Capcom Pro Tour: Evo Players to watch out for

EG PR Balrog

pr rog

Evil Geniuses sponsored player PR Balrog is looking to make a splash at this year’s Evolution tournament. The event known as EVO has reached it’s highest number of entrants! Five Thousand players are going to be battling it out to see who is the greatest Street Fighter Five player and to get those precious points needed for the Capcom Cup. It’s no secret that Infiltration, Tokido, and Phenom have put in an incredible amount of work in previous tournaments. But, there is no time greater for an upset than at EVO! I mean he did do it a year ago…

Last EVO PR Balrog pulled off an incredible upset on the man that would later win One Hundred and Twenty Thousand dollars at Capcom Cup. This is what makes EVO one of the greatest video game tournaments in the world. The amount of hype that is generated from seeing a player defy every common expectation is incredible. Ever since SFV came out of beta and onto store shelves PR Balrog has played Necali. He’s done well, but a recent event has changed the status quo. The two newest characters to be added to the SFV roster are Ibuki and Balrog, who will be legal for the upcoming tournament. Which means, PR Rog will be able to use his favorite character and will hopefully be able to pull off an amazing upset again.


Balrog is different now. He’s lacking a tool that seems to make or break characters in SFV. That would be a meterless reversal. Characters like Ryu and Necali have a reversal option that if used properly can get an opponent off of you and deal some decent damage. The game does offer the boxing character two options, but their just not the same. The first takes his headbutt and turns it into a V-Reversal. A V-reversal does no damage, must be done after blocking, must be timed well, and costs meter. Not a good as just saying “get off of me” and headbutting someone square in the chin! But, if you want to play Balrog you’re going to have to make it work. He also has a rushing uppercut that can be done on wake up. The ex- version of the attack has armor and can catch an opponent unawares, but it requires part of your meter to do. Not the best options, but Balrog still brings that crazy offensive style that many players love. PR Rog seemed to make it work just fine against TS Sabin.

At the onset of this first to five it seemed like Rog was lost, but then he hit his stride. I would like to point out here that a strategy that seems to work with Balrog is getting that knockdown from a low dash punch. This I’m guessing has something to do with the proximity of Balrog to his opponent after the move. Dhalsim at 1:05 is directly next to Balrog for more pressure to be applied to the opponent, instead of them being sent flying away by a normal dash straight. To end off her’s one more set of matches between PR Balrog and Team Pie Smug!



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