Life in The Shadows: Nightmare (Part 3)

(Shadowrun is owned by Catalyst Game Labs.)

     Light issued forth from the maniacally laughing head. Before Executioner could move out of the way, the exploder program did what it does best. The shock of the digital blast didn’t affect his physical form much, but his mental state was a different story. Was he being hunted? The sight of his impaled villager gave him all the information he needed. A long almost scorpion-like stinger appendage had skewered it. He wrenched his eyes away from the villager to the forest of data. There was a cloaked figure, its face a mixture of bandages, open sores, and burn scars. Red eyes ablaze with hatred, smile foul of mischief. Quickly the stinger retreated back into the cloak to join whatever else was causing it to sickeningly bulge out sporadically in different places.

    Ax turned to bow and arrow for the second time as the Executioner fired his killer program. A hand covered in bandages produced a ball-shaped nest and crushed it. Hundreds of tiny little creatures formed a protective barrier around him. The killer program met the shield program head on and canceled each other out.With the shield of his foe down the executioner wasted no time charging at his new enemy. With a swing of his weapon black lightning arced out straight towards the cloaked persona. The figure produced another hive and chucked it high, just as the bolt struck him. His opponent was down, but the incoming hive stalled Executioners’ advance. His own protective program in the form of a  shield blinked into existence just in time to absorb the impact of the nest and resulting explosion. He chuckled a bit, believing that this was the best his foe had to throw at him, but then his persona registered the sound of buzzing. A torrent of bugs emerged from the digital smoke the blast had created. They quickly swarmed the persona ripping through what was left of his shield. After ripping it apart the digital insects turned their attention toward the shield’s owner. Chaotically they ate through the persona, eroding and weakening its form. The attack was unexpected and devastating.

    However, the Executioner’s attack had also hit its mark. The cloaked assailant was still recovering. His thoughts went to his black ax program. With a good strike, he could kill the deckers physical body. With his mind made up, the executioner made a mad dash towards his opponent, the swarm of bugs followed nipping at his very form. Halfway through the charge, the other persona’s scorpion stinger lashed out He sidestepped appropriately and soon found himself within striking range.

“Time to die!” He screamed.

“No!” The icon screamed back.

    As if that were a trigger word for the ensuing attack, the personas constantly shifting cloak lashed out. Large gooey black strands ensnared the Executioner. Both wrists, both legs, and even his neckk were all binded gooey material.

“Who are you?” Executioner asked, frantically trying to exit the matrix only to find that the node had been altered after his initial lockdown.

The persona was immediately in his face, smiling from ear to ear, with teeth glinting like sharpened razors as it spoke.

“I’m Nightmare!” It roared in laughter as it held it’s hand up.

“Your Nightmare!” It said, still cackling like a mad man as the arm began to change.The appendage grew bigger and bigger until the bandages exploded off, revealing the horror they hid. Multiple eyes opened and closed along the severely burned flesh. Each elongated finger revealed sharp bonelike protrusions jutting out from the palm and each digit. With his entire arm glowing black Nightmare threw his head back again and laughed. The eyes on the Executioner’s avatar bulged for a millisecond. They screamed out much like Yvonne’s did before her death. A swipe of his claw ended that.

    James brought up a red screen with his free hand. A familiar password screen popped up and quickly disappeared, replaced with cameras. Within a few swipes, he found the image he wanted. A rotund man, eyes rolled back into his head, one hand frozen at the side, anther atop his balding head. One of the images in the back caught managed to divert his gaze. his attention. A quick tap increased its size. There was a tall, skinny, orc in the elevator. The nightmarish persona grinned again.

    Skinny was waiting for Executioner to call him on his comm. The decker was good but needed him for wetwork and protection. There was no shortage of trouble and getting the deckers’ hoop in and out of trouble was good yen. Couple a months ago he’d finished the run for him that almost went south. The setup was good, but you needed someone who could fight. His partner was wiz in the trix, but not in the real world. Here you had to geek someone the old fashioned way. Just like that pretty little biff a few months ago. With a ding the speakers turned on. The voice was sweet and robotic at the beginning.

“Thank for coming here today now if you would please die!”  At the end of the sentence, the elevator went into freefall.

    After editing a significant amount of camera footage and silencing a few alarms James jacked out, his head throbbed from the biofeedback he’d received in the matrix and blood steadily streamed down his nose.He took a few moments to center himself and then went on the move.  A deck cleaning cloth functioned as a makeshift tissue to dam up the torrent of blood as he packed up his deck and tidied up the surrounding area, making sure nothing was left behind, namely blood. James couldn’t help but walk over to his nemesis. He was dead frozen in place. He winced upon seeing the horror his black hammer program had wrought. Images of his coworkers briefly flitted through his mind, but he hoped that this would end the nightmares, and more importantly make up for leaving Yvonne like that. Then a particular clock on the wall of interest it read 12:30 A.M. One single solitary thought pushed the images of death and revenge from his mind.

Oh god, Val is going to kill me!

    The former wage slave made a mad dash for the stairs, deciding not to take the elevator. His thoughts were full of an angry troll at home, whether or nor stuffer shack had a few giant chocolate bars. He pushed himself hoping downstairs doing the worst parkour because the headache he had now was nothing on what Val could do to him.

    With a bang, the door swung open before James, who held within his hands every chocolate product available in Stuffers shack, two bags full of burgers, and whatever else he thought would appease his girlfriend. She was there standing in the middle of the room. Arms crossed, tapping one boot clad foot on the floor, Her trusty ax lying on the ground in front of her. For a second James wondered if he could get the ax first, but he decided against.

“I’m sorry Val, there was this crazy accident that happened, massive car pile up, I had to help and give a statement……”

Huge arms enveloped him, making him drop the bags on the floor. He looked up at her through bloodshot eyes.

“You talk in your sleep.” The troll managed to say before she began tearing up.

—————–Finding next instance of “corp” “hit” “RedFire” “dead”————————————-

You hear about those two guys in the corp building. A human runner and an ork fragged up big… Or somebody fragged them.                                                                                                                -Ripper

1.Someone fragged them, not the other way around.2 There were no alarms so it had to have been a double cross. 3. Was most likely a corp decker protecting their corporate overlords’ turf.                                                                                                                                                  -Twilight

I saw it. The tail end of it. I’m sure a few deckers snuck into the node providing freelance help to the corp. I spotted at least one working. Anyway, I made a nice little backdoor for myself to sneak in and steal some pay data when I encountered two deckers going to town on each other. One was a medieval guy with an ax. The other was this horror movie monster with bugs and weird bits. Just when I thought he was gonna get hit with a supercharged black hammer, the monster pulls a killjoy out of nowhere and black hammers him right back.                                                                                                                              -Titania

WIZ SOMEONE FRAGGED EXECUTIONER!!!                                                                                            -Ripper

This guy is > us all. I want to thank him but I’m kind of afraid to look into him.


Your welcome.


Thanks, chummer!


Now I want to break into something. Think I’ll go hit up Crazy Mo’s node for some pay data. Easy hit.


Wouldn’t think about it boyo there’s wiz new decker there and a ton of new IC. Almost got me. It’s not worth the dump shock.

-Lady of The Lake



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