KOF XIV Refreshment


Hey people! What’s up? I’m going to be real with you for a second. I’m a fighting game player, but also a PC player. The selection of fighting games aren’t great, but I’ve been playing Street Fighter V for a while. For quite some time I followed the scene a lot more than I do now. I would always try to tune into a tournament or if I couldn’t I’d just catch it later. Then I found myself not playing as much Street Fighter as I used too. Interest in tournaments dropped as well, until one lazy Sunday morning when I caught sight of some amazing KOF XIV play. I’m going to share a few matches that I enjoyed, but first I’ll hit you up with some info!


The character roster is frankly massive for a fighting game and that’s because of its style of play. Instead of the one on one fights, that fighting games like Guilty Gear and Street Fighter are known for, it’s a team based game. Not in the way of the Marvel VS. Capcom franchise, where you have a three person team that can tag in and out of battle. King of Fighters has you build a team and then engage in one on one fights. If your character wins, then you face off against your opponents next character. Depending on how much time is left on the clock you’ll get a little health back for defeating your opponent. You also need to be weary of the amount of meter your opponent has, despite the amount of health you have. You’re opponent might be able to make a devastating comeback. These factors can make a match incredibly exciting as two players battle back against each other. Down to their last characters. One technically does better but is injured and lacking the resources that the another character has. Needless to say, that when this game comes out on PC, I’m picking it up immediately.

Starting off at around 16:44 we have a match from ECT we Have PAG OneTrueNicoMaki VS. CoinUpLud. Lud has been known for his Chun-Li play and he may have a team that represents that. Another thing that I know him for is his solid play. This first match is fairly awesome. There are combo drops, but I think this match shows some interesting points of King of Fighters. Movement is paramount. That and not dropping your combos. But, there is this constant movement. Jockeying for the perfect position for your character to challenge the other. Lud manages to land an anti-air super with Yuri at an incredibly poignant time. Nico jumped when he was in range and got caught. Then with the meter advantage, he turned things back into his favor. Then he positioned himself in a space where Lud could jump in and punish his activation. Now we have the adjustments to your team.

Nico decided to switch the lead of his team from Mai to Iori. Iori managed to put in some decent work for his team and perhaps Mai will better deal with Yuri in the future. There is a fair amount of strategy within choosing your team and Nico felt that one character would match up against Lud’s Luong. Iori managed to take her out. But, despite the health gain from winning the first part of the match, one read and one meter was all it took to tie things up! Lud managed to take out Mai, but then that meant that Nico’s strongest character was coming in with a ton of meter. But, thanks to some skill Lud managed to deal as much damage as possible, before his character was taken out. The final part of the match was a scramble. Nico desperately trying to deal damage and Lud attempting with all his might to make a few pivotal reads. In the end, Nico’s haste lead to his defeat. Think this match and this tournament might turn some people on to the game that renewed my interest in fighting game tournaments! Tell me what you all think!



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